Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Introduction

Simply stitches....why that name? Well, I love to knit, am learning to do machine embroidery and attempting to make some clothing for myself. All of these things take patience and "simply" doing the next stitch.

I tend to do way to many projects at one time resulting in very few completed objects. Currently, I have two major knitting projects: a shawl and a sweater, several socks under construction, a dress and jacket that I am attempting and more embroidery designs than I have time. What can I say? I "simply" love to start new things.

A bit about myself... I am a Christian homeschooling mama for three delightfully busy boys. They like one another MOST of the time. Speedy B is the oldest, he just turned 12 and lives for baseball. Cowodie is 10, he enjoys the piano, cub scouts, baseball, nature, you name it...he takes after his mom, can't decide on his hobby of choice. The "baby" of the family is Smoda. He is six going on 25. Where my other boys left the TV alone, he will go hide in the other room and turn the sound off to get his fix. If he is not attempting to watch TV then he is getting on the computer or hiding in the cabinet with his gameboy. If it sounds like I don't have much control over the youngest child, I don't! Go figure, he was raised with the same rules and regulations as the other boys...but he marches to his own beat. The leader of my happy crew is RacerDad. He and I have been married thirteen years. He is a wonderful husband, father and provider for our family...though he does drive me a bit nuts sometimes! In his defense, he has to put up with me...

I would like to think this blog will display beautifully made items quite frequently. But as I already stated, I have crafter ADD and so always have more projects going than finishing up. I would also like to think that I will have somewhat witty sayings from time to time, but I know from reading others blogs mine will not be as entertaining. I wish I could offer wonderful spiritual insight as so many women do, but I do well to read my bible (I strive for daily but it doesn't always happen).

This blog is mainly for my own musings. The repository for my words that often fall on deaf ears in my all male household. I used to use my mother as my sounding board, but I lost her two years ago to cancer.

So from humble beginnings I will simply begin stitching entries from time to time.

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